Take a "Core Sample" of a cupcake!

Materials Needed:

  • A few fancy cupcakes with frosting, marbleing, candy, sprinkles (anything to make it interesting inside).

  • A clear, sturdy straw.

Get Started:

  • Stick your straw all the way through the cupcake vertically. You are taking a "core sample" of the cupcake.
  • Pull out the straw and see what's inside!

What does this mean?

  • Geologists want to know what the inside of the Earth looks like. The drill long tubes down into the earth and pull them out to look at what's inside. You did the same thing with the straw.
  • Look at what's inside the cupcake. Do some analysis. Now that you know there's at least one sprinkle in the cupcake, could there be others?
  • Geologists do a similar analysis of their core samples to figure out what's underneath our feet.

Clean up:

  • Don't forget to EAT the cupcake!

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