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The Big Cool Science Festival at Colorado College

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A FREE, fun filled day of hands-on science adventures for the entire family

Sponsored by Cool Science, the Colorado College Cool Science Club
and Pikes Peak Earth Day

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It's Cool Science time at Colorado College! Come find out how much fun science, math and engineering really is with live science demonstratiion shows, tours and dozens of fun and engaging hands-on science activities presented by Cool Science, the Colorado College Cool Science Club and over 40 local companies, schools, clubs, nonprofits, museums and other organizations. No registration required (you can join our Facebook event page to let us know you're coming though), and everything is free (but please consider a small donation to help pay the costs). Most activities are intended for students ages 8-15, but there will be fun for all ages. Check out photos from last year.

In keeping with the spirit of Earth Day, we plan to re-use and re-purpose several common household items in our science experiments and activities. Please help us stock up by bringing any of the following wish-list items with you to the festival: cardboard paper towel tubes; clean empty aluminum drink cans (we like the pull-tabs still on); 35mm plastic film canisters; and 6-8 oz. plastic yogurt cups (the shape in the photo- not Yoplait).

Paper Towel TubesAl Cans35mm Film CanistersYogurt Cups


Date & Time: Saturday, April 12th, 10 am to 3 pm

Location: Colorado College, Barnes Science Center (also Palmer Hall, Shove Chapel and Olin Hall of Science), 1040 North Nevada Ave. (Google Map)

CC Map

click image for a larger map, or use the interactive campus map

CC Map

click image for Exhibitor map, or download a PDF (700KB)


Parking: The parking lots indicated on the map are free on Saturday, but will likely fill up, so we encourage you to park on the local neighborhood streets and walk or bike to campus. Tejon St. and the side streets along Tejon north of campus are ideal for this (cross Uintah at Nevada or Cascade). There will be free bicycle valet parking on the north side of Palmer Hall (provided by UpaDowna).

Food: Unfortunately there will not be any food available at the festival, but you are welcome to eat like a college student in the campus dining hall (in Worner Center, 11-1:30)) and coffee shop, or try the restaurants along Tejon St. south of campus (Wooglin's Deli is just a block south of campus). We also encourage you to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the campus. There are no vending machines for drinks either, but bring a water bottle- we'll have stations where you can fill it with several flavors of water (thanks to Veda Salon and Pikes Peak Earth Day Committee).

Target Audience: Primarily for 2nd-8th grade students, but plenty of fun activities for all ages!


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** Help us keep this event FREE **

Please consider a $10/family donation.

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Download Corbin Hillam's new original CoOL festival poster and help us promote the event (Corbin will also be at the festival to create an original chalk art mural and sign posters)

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Live Science Demonstration Shows, Tours and Special Presentations:


9:00 - 11:30 am — Catamount Institute's Young Environmental Stewards (YES) Symposium — Check out elementary school YES Club student's environmental research and service projects/presentations (presentations 9:00 - 10:30 only, Bemis Hall on the west side of campus, see Interactive Campus Map).

11:00 - 11:45 am — Colorado College Chemistry Department — "Chemistry Magic Show". Colorado College students will amaze you with several cool science demonstrations! (in Olin 1 "Fishbowl" lecture hall).

10:00 & 11:00 am, noon, 1:00 & 2:00 pm — CC Shove Chapel Tours — Shove Memorial Chapel is an excellent example of Norman Romanesque architecture, modeled after Winchester Cathedral in England. Learn how pipe organs work, then climb the winding staircase of the bell tower to examine the old pendulum clock mechanism, huge bells and experiment with more Cool Science activities. Finish with an excellent view of the entire festival from the top (meet at Shove Chapel main entrance).

10:30 & 11:30 am, 12:30 & 1:30 pm — KRCC — Tour a real radio broadcasting station and experiment with several Cool Science Sound & Waves activities (meet at Barnes Science Center registration desk).

10:45 & 11:45 am, 12:45 pm — Colorado College Biology Department - Tour the exotic plants in the CC Biology Department's greenhouse, even tickle one that moves! (meet at Barnes Science Center registration desk)

1:00 - 1:45 pm — Cool Science — "Super Science". We'll show off some of the most popular and amazing demonstrations from the wide variety of science shows we do in schools. (in Olin 1 "Fishbowl" lecture hall)

10:30 & 11:30 am, 2:00 pm — United States Air Force Academy Physics Department — "Physics is Phun!" We'll demonstrate amazing electromagnetic phenomena, cryogenic freezing and always finish with a bang! (morning shows in Olin 185 basement lecture room, 2 pm show in Olin 1 "Fishbowl"l lecture hall)

All day — "A Visit with Nikola Tesla". History- and science- comes alive through local historian Richard Marold's portrayal of the famous scientist who performed early experiments with alternating current (AC) electricity, right here in Colorado Springs. Stop by and have a chat with Nikola Tesla while he demonstrates the invention that bears his name! (in Olin Fishbowl, all ages)



Hands-on Science Carnival Activity Stations:


Aerospace Employees Radio Organization of Colorado Springs (AERO-COS) — Get On the Air with Amateur Radio! Talk on an amateur radio with another station and get a QSL card to commemorate this activity.

American Institute of Architects- Colorado South — We'll have some fun city planning/designing/constructing activities to introduce you to our upcoming "Box City" event for kids. (All ages)

American Medical Response — Talk to our EMT and explore the medical equipment inside a real ambulance. (All ages)

American Numismatic Association (Money Museum) — Use science to restore old and damaged coins and learn about the density and other properties of metals used in coinage. (All ages)

Art Together — Interactive painting for all ages including the young at heart and large Nikola Tesla murals.

Blue Skies Exploration Academy — Come experiment in a wind tunnel built with our pre-schoolers. (Ages 2+)

Buell Children's Museum (Pueblo) — Explore and build with the giant blocks in our "Imagination Playground". (Ages 3-10)

Catamount Institute — "Fishing in the Pool" What can you find in our pool? (Ages 3-13)

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — Meet and greet some of the favorite wild animals from our ZooMobile.

CityROCK Climbing Center — "Forces in climbing." (Ages 3 to super old)

  1. Actually "feel" mechanical advantage by playing and lifting objects with giant pulleys
  2. Experience the forces created by falling into a climbing harness.

Colorado College Math Department — Play with our probability machine and learn the math behind Texas Hold'em. (Ages 10+)

Colorado College Physics Department — Watch our huge trebuchet catapult fling water balloons and melons across campus.

  1. Our huge trebuchet will catapult fling water balloons and melons across campus. (All ages)
  2. Watch as we create 400,000 volt lightning bolts by simply turning the crank on our giant Wimshurst Machine. (All ages)

Colorado Mountain Club — Learn about our conservation projects, and get your face painted!

Colorado Springs Astronomical Society — View astronomical objects from the roof with our cool telescopes. (All ages)

Cool Science and the CC Cool Science Club — "Kitchen Science" * Try these experiments at home!

  1. "Cabbage Juice Chemistry" - Make a cabbage juice "tea" that changes colors as common liquids are added. (Ages 8+)
  2. "There's Iron in My Cereal!" - Use a powerful magnet to pull the iron out of breakfast cereal. (Ages 8+)
  3. "Slime & Silly Putty" - Make your own gooey slime or turn it into homemade silly putty. (All ages)
  4. "Oobleck!" - Mix cornstarch with a little water to produce the strangest liquid- or is it a solid?- you've ever seen. (All ages)
  5. "I Can't Believe It IS Butter!" - You won't believe how easy it is to make real butter you can eat. (All ages)
  6. "Film Canister Rockets" - Vinegar and baking soda as rocket fuel? You bet! (All ages)
  7. "Invisible Ink" - Make your own invisible ink to write a secret message. (All ages)
  8. "Candy Chromatography" - Learn to separate and identify the food colors found in common candies. (Ages 10+)
  9. "Tribo-Luminescence" - You can make real flashes of light from ordinary candy, sugar and even duct tape! (All ages)

DinosaurTheory — You're the paleontologist and your task is to weigh a dinosaur. (Ages 8-18)

El Paso County Nature Centers — "Explore Colorado Wildlife" through animal pelts, scat, tracks, and skulls. (Ages 2-92)

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument — Learn about our Junior Ranger program, play a fun game with fossils and take home some cool stuff. (elementary school ages)

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge — Meet allosaurus and Utahraptor! (Fun for all ages)

thegeocachekids — What is geocaching? Go on a treasure hunt around the CC Campus. (Fun for all ages)

Heli Razors Radio Control Club — Check out our cool R/C helicopters, micro-copters and quad-copters. You can even "fly" with a computer helicopter simulator. (Ages 8 and up)

Heuser Chiropractic — Check your neurological functions with our Interactive Metronome or "Brain Trainer."

Hunt or Gather — "Do You Know Your Vegetables?" Identify veggies, learn when to plant and how to grow them, and even plant a seed to take home with you!

k12 — "Germination Station." Make your own germination bag, then learn the major components of seeds and plants, and how germination occurs. (K-6th)

Lockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract — Try on the clothing it takes to keep warm working in Antarctica. (All ages)

Palmer High School Chemistry Club — Fun with Dry Ice. Make cloud rings, bubbles filled with fog and much more! (All ages)

Peak Vista Community Health Center — Spin the wheel to learn about healthy eating and portion control and win prizes. (All ages)

Penrose St. Francis Health Services — Learn how safety helmets protect your brain in a crash. (All ages)

Pikes Peak Farm to School — "Play and Grow" 2 cool games: Fruit & Vegetable Identification and Food-to-Season Mapping. (K-4th)

Pikes Peak Library District

  1. Children's Department – "Butterfly Crafting" using recycled materials. (Ages 1-12)
  2. Green Team – "Resources for a Greener Planet." Learn about PPLD resources that can educate and inspire all of us to help make our community, and our planet, a healthier place. (All ages)
  3. "Green Screen Experience" - We'll use science to place you on live TV in amazing places! (All ages)

Pikes Peak Pebble Pups — "Geology, Paleontology and Dinosaur Biology." (K-12)

Pikes Peak Radio Control Club — Play with our cool radio-control simulators. (Ages 8 and up)

Pikes Peak Soaring Society — Radio-controlled model airplanes and flight simulators you can try yourself. (Ages 8-15)

Pikes Peak Earth Day Committee — Take the Pikes Peak Earth Day Pledge.

Play-Well TEKnologies — "LEGO Gravity Car Challenge." Use only LEGO and the force of gravity to build a car and roll it as far as possible. (Ages 5-12)

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) Colorado — "Re-made Media." Sample several of our RAFTy STEM projects made from reused VHS tapes and CD's. (Ages 6-11)

Simply Kids Dental — Spin our prize wheel then have some fun with dental science:

  1. "Composite Fillings." See what a composite filling looks like before and after it's cured. (Ages 5+)
  2. "Soda Tooth Decay." Find out how much sugar is in various soda drinks, and see what it does to real teeth. (Ages 5+)

Space Foundation — Scale the Solar System. Learn about the proper scale size and distance of the sun, Earth, moon and stars. Walk a scale model of the solar system using the standard and metric system of measurement. Learn planet distances from the sun based on one astronomical unit (AU). And create your own Solar System bookmark. (All ages)

Toy Station at School Crossing — "Optical Illusions by School Crossing." Check out our cool illusion cards, then make your own thaumatrope and optical illusion rubbing. (All ages)

Traveling Sea — "Digging Sea Turtles." Come discover artifacts from these animals which have been around for millions of years. Act a like a sea turtle researcher: Dig up a sea turtle nest and rescue a stranded sea turtle. You can also make a sea turtle to take home.

UpaDowna — Fun outdoor educational adventures (and FREE valet bike parking!):

  1. "Mountain Rescue" Save the stranded hikers off the mountain with a helicopter! (Great for all ages)
  2. "Slackline" Show us your slacker skills! Cross the slackline with balance and focus (Great for all ages)
  3. "Charge your cell phone with boiling water!" Come check out the Thermoelectric Generator by PowerPot! (16 and up)

UCCS Student Members of the American Chemical Society — You won't believe how fast liquid nitrogen (at 320 degrees below zero) can freeze a popsicle! (All ages)

Whiz Bang Science (Colorado College) — "The Power of Static Electricity and Other Energy Sources". Learn how to levitate and move objects using static electricity. Also, come and explore some of our other energy activities. (All ages)

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum — "Goddard Rockets". Make your own thumb rocket and launch it. (Ages 7-70)

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region — "Hang Time" Make your own helicopter whirligig and fly it. (Ages 5-12)



Special thanks to the Chaplain's Office at CC, and to all our wonderful volunteers, especially T. Rowe Price employees.

We would also like to thank Phil Barnett (Phil Barnett Photography) for photographing this event!

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Disclaimer: By attending this free public event you are accepting that your family's images may be used on our website and promotional materials. If you would prefer that we do not use your image in any way, you may sign an "opt-out" form available during the event at the main registration desk in Barnes Science Center, or email us.





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