Cool Science Demonstration Shows

UCCS 2009 Chemistry SHow


For a Demonstration Show, Cool Science will come to your classroom, library, home school, scout troop meeting, parent/student Science and STEM nights, or other venue to present on a science topic of your choosing. We will present for 45 min - 1 hour, providing students the opportunity to ask questions, think critically, and, as always, directly interact with the science. The visual and hands-on approach that we take (many aspects of our shows require student volunteers to help with the experiment!) complements classroom studies and align with state science standards. The shows are also entertaining, fun and sure to surprise!



We have programs to explore topics ranging from chemical reactions and phase changes to air pressure and gyroscopic stability. Our current standard Demonstration Shows include:

  • Balloon Science! ** NEW **
  • Chemistry Magic
  • Rocket Science
  • Heat and Combustion
  • Super Cold Science
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Light and Color (including Lasers!)
  • Gasses and Air Pressure
  • It's All About Water
  • Forces and Motion (Newton's Laws)
  • Rotational Forces and Gyroscopic Stability
  • Sound and Waves
  • States of Matter (solids, liquids, gasses and phase changes)
  • 3-D Images and Movies

You can also request a more general topic such as physics or chemistry, or something more tailored to your students current topic of study. We are happy to develop new programs when possible to meet your needs.

Cool Science will arrive 45 - 60 minutes before the presentation and will need access to the room where the presentations will be held. We’ll also typically need a table or two, electricity, a nearby sink and trash can, and the ability to turn out the lights.

To help cover our operating expenses we ask for a $300 fee per show, discounted for multiple shows. Financial aid is available if your school or PTA cannot afford this fee.

For more information or to schedule a Demonstration Show, call (719-389-6431) or email our Programs Director.